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Street trees are displayed according to address, not exact tree location.

Found 8 trees

28 Innisfree Crt
  • Linden Tilia Sp.
51 South Kingsway
  • Turkish Hazel Corylus Colurna
53 South Kingsway
  • Hack-Berry Celtis Occidentalis
  • Red Oak Quercus Rubra
57 South Kingsway
  • White Birch Betula Papyrifera
67 South Kingsway
  • Silver Maple Acer Saccharinum
69 South Kingsway
  • Norway Spruce Picea Abies
85 South Kingsway
  • Silver Maple Acer Saccharinum

Tree counts

Type Count
Hack-Berry 1
Linden 1
Norway Spruce 1
Red Oak 1
Silver Maple 2
Turkish Hazel 1
White Birch 1