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Street trees are displayed according to address, not exact tree location.

Found 22 trees

10 Delaney Cres
  • Summit Red Ash Fraxinus Pennsylvanica 'Summit'
15 Wyndham St
  • Skyline Honey Locust Gleditsia Tricanthos Var. Inermis 'Skyline'
162 Brock Ave
  • Norway Maple Acer Platanoides
170 Brock Ave
  • Crimean Linden Tilia X Euchlora
172 Brock Ave
  • Horsechestnut (Ruby Red) Aesculus X Carnea
17 Mechanic Ave
  • Green Mountain Sugar Maple Acer Saccharum 'Green Mountain'
180 Brock Ave
  • Emerald Queen Norway Maple Acer Platanoides 'Emerald Queen'
  • Black Maple Acer Nigrum
182 Brock Ave
  • Callery Pear 'Chanticleer' Pyrus Calleryana 'Chanticleer'
186 Brock Ave
  • Amur Cork Phellodendron Amurense
18 Delaney Cres
  • Silver Maple Acer Saccharinum
196 Brock Ave
  • Red Maple Acer Rubrum
204 Brock Ave
  • Norway Maple Acer Platanoides
29 Wyndham St
  • Cedar Thuja Sp.
32 Delaney Cres
  • Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa Reticulata
34 Delaney Cres
  • Sugar Maple Acer Saccharum
38 Wyndham St
  • Carolina Poplar Populus X Canadensis
39 Wyndham St
  • Sugar Maple Acer Saccharum
  • Columnar Norway Maple Acer Platanoides 'Columnare'
3 Wyndham St
  • Service-Berry Amelanchier Canadensis
52 Delaney Cres
  • Norway Maple Acer Platanoides
7 Wyndham St
  • Shubert Choke Cherry Prunus Virginiana 'Shubert'

Tree counts

Type Count
Amur Cork 1
Black Maple 1
Callery Pear 'Chanticleer' 1
Carolina Poplar 1
Cedar 1
Columnar Norway Maple 1
Crimean Linden 1
Emerald Queen Norway Maple 1
Green Mountain Sugar Maple 1
Horsechestnut (Ruby Red) 1
Japanese Tree Lilac 1
Norway Maple 3
Red Maple 1
Service-Berry 1
Shubert Choke Cherry 1
Silver Maple 1
Skyline Honey Locust 1
Sugar Maple 2
Summit Red Ash 1