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Elvina Gardens


Street trees are displayed according to address, not exact tree location.

Found 11 trees

11 Elvina Gdns
  • Crimson King Norway Maple Acer Platanoides 'Crimson King'
17 Elvina Gdns
  • Kentucky-Coffee Tree Gymnocladus Dioicus
19 Elvina Gdns
  • Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa Reticulata
23 Elvina Gdns
  • London Plane Platanus X Acerifolia
25 Elvina Gdns
  • Redmond Linden Tilia Americana 'Redmond'
27 Elvina Gdns
  • Amur Maple Acer Ginnala
29 Elvina Gdns
  • Golden-Chain Laburnum X Watereri
31 Elvina Gdns
  • Freeman Maple 'Autumn Blaze' Acer X Freemanii 'Autumn Flame'
33 Elvina Gdns
  • Iron-Wood (Hop-Hornbeam) Ostrya Virginiana
35 Elvina Gdns
  • London Plane Platanus X Acerifolia
9 Elvina Gdns
  • Red Maple Acer Rubrum

Tree counts

Type Count
Amur Maple 1
Crimson King Norway Maple 1
Freeman Maple 'Autumn Blaze' 1
Golden-Chain 1
Iron-Wood (Hop-Hornbeam) 1
Japanese Tree Lilac 1
Kentucky-Coffee Tree 1
London Plane 2
Red Maple 1
Redmond Linden 1